7 Reasons To Start Doing Pullups

Pullups are the king of bodyweight exercises.

They test the strength of your upper back, biceps and everything inbetween.

They also help you to build muscle.

Pull-up strength is a great indicator of how fit your upper body is.

Here’s 7 reasons you need to be doing pullups:

#1 Build Up Your Back

While exercises like the deadlift, barbell rows, and dumbbell rows are great exercises for your back, they mainly work on the thickness of the muscles.

Pull-ups will give you more width to your back so you’ll build broadness.

They will give you that V-Shape appearance from the back and front which will show the world you’re serious about this bodybuilding stuff. 

#2 Build Bigger Biceps 

Pull-ups are primarily a back exercise however, the biceps are involved to a degree.

You can develop bigger and stronger biceps by doing pull ups.

Performing the pull-up with your palms facing you (also called chin up) will bring more bicep involvement in the exercise.

More emphasis is placed on the lat muscles when you use a wider grip. 

#3 Build Rhomboid Strength

The rhomboid muscles are upper back muscles that are worked when performing pull-ups.

The rhomboid muscles are responsible for pulling and lowering your shoulder blades.

Stronger upper back muscles can potentially improve posture, especially if you are in a seated position throughout most of the day.

#4 Improve Grip Strength

Pull-ups can improve grip strength. Pulling your entire body weight up by your hands requires a strong grip.

Grip strength can carry over to other exercises that require a lot of strength like deadlifts, barbell rows, and farmer walks. 

#5 Build Stronger Forearms

The forearm muscle is used when doing pull-ups, particularly when the forearm is in a supinated position.

You can develop more muscle in the forearms when you improve your pull up strength. 

#6 Pullups Strengthen Your Core

The core muscles are great for strengthening your core and ab muscles.

If you perform pull-ups with proper form (no swinging or swaying); you can strengthen the core muscles.

You may get sore ab muscles the day after performing pull-ups, although you are unlikely to if you are more advanced. 

#7 Get Stronger Delts And Traps

Many people develop shoulder issues because they do a lot of pressing exercises and not enough pulling exercises that work the posterior delt muscles.

Pull-ups can be beneficial because they work the posterior delt muscles, although to a smaller degree compared to specific posterior delt exercises.

How much the posterior delt is involved in the pull-up will depend on your form, scapula retraction, and how much you lean back when pulling yourself up to the bar. 

Although the trapezius muscles are not directly involved that much when doing pull-ups, they are still secondary muscles that assist you throughout the exercise. You can expect some trapezius muscle development from pull-ups. 

Start Doing Pullups!

Pull-ups are an excellent way to build your back, biceps and core muscles.

You can develop impressive looking biceps, upper back muscles, and lat muscles when you are doing them as part of your workout regime.

Anybody who trains to build muscle can benefit from pull-ups. Plus you can easily do them from home with a pullup bar!

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