How to Get Back into Shape as a Busy Dad

Fit Dad

Everyone loves to joke about dad bods.

But don’t be mistaken: just because you have kids, doesn’t mean you have to sport a dad bod.

London-based personal trainer and dad to two young kids, Lawrence Price, shows us how to get into (and stay) in shape as a busy dad.

Focus is Better Than the Gym

When you’re balancing a career with being an awesome dad, it’s highly unlikely you have time to hit the gym.

And that’s okay, because Price says becoming a family man helped him realize efficient, focused half-hour training sessions are far better than regular general training sessions.

Focus on what muscle groups you want to work out next and make your warm up session more specific to them. Knowing what you plan on doing (and how to do it) will also streamline the training session, whether it’s for weight loss or conditioning.

Simply make the most of the time you do have and squeeze every second of training you can out of it.

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT)

Sounds like quite the mouthful, so it’s a good thing the acronym is so short!

NEAT “exercises” are things like carrying your children around the house and up and down stairs, carrying the shopping, moving furniture, walking or cycling to (and from) work whenever possible, etc.

You might not realize it, but when you do these things, you’re getting in a quick workout.

But of course, you still need to have those focused training sessions, preferably twice or thrice a week. And you need to be eating right too!

Only Got 10 Minutes?

No problem!

When every minute is at a premium, Price likes to incorporate animal flow movements. He does by using his own body weight rather than relying on artificial weights.

“That’s 10 minutes of continuously loaded bodyweight exercises that flow through multiple planes of movement,” he says.

“There may well be certain limitations to what you can achieve in 10 minutes, but evidence is showing us that consistency is key – little and often stacks up, so if 10 minutes is all you have then grasp it with both hands every time!”

So long as you focus on consistency, eating right, and exercising in the right way, the short, focused sessions and NEAT workouts will give you the results you’re looking for.

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